Leo packs a 1, 2, 3

My first illustrated children's book! Leo is a little lion packing and counting from 1 to 10. In collaboration with the talented Carolina Paiz. The book is an ongoing project as I am working on making it interactive.

Pitch directed by the talented Jordan Brunner. I had great fun helping her create feminine, fun, crazy cool characters for the Regency Beauty Institute.

Second year co-directing a happy short piece for Skadden with the talented Freddy Arenas. This year we made it shorter, traveling through different end of the year rituals, based on the concept of sharing.
ZONE 126

Zone 126 is a small non-profit in Queens, NY helping the neighborhood kids succeed. I was happy to help them with some fun illustration and loops!

Design and illustration to explain some heavy facts about healthcare, raising medical costs and spending. Together with Gareth and team Buck we developed a simple, clean visual language to walk the viewer through such a deep and troubling subject.
Skadden Holiday Card 2013

Collaboration with the talented Freddy Arenas as a directing team. Light is the thread that take us through the story and from celebration to celebration all around the world. This is the first piece of a series in three consecutive years.

Story about people collaborating that combines strong character design with completely abstract graphic scenes. I also designed a custom typeface.